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Jordan Wojtkowski

Hi, I'm Jordan and I specialize in lived-in custom color, hand-tied extensions and scalp health.

I am originally from Southern California, and have been practicing my craft for 8 years.  I trained under a Redken certified educator at the beginning of my career and believe I would not be the stylist I am today without the time I spent with a mentor.


With a deep passion for holistic living, I believe beauty starts from within.  I am committed to using natural and eco-friendly products, steering clear of harsh chemicals that can harm both your overall health and the environment.


I understand that your hair's health is influenced by diet, lifestyle, and stress.  Through personalized consultations, I will guide you towards nourishing your hair and scalp from the inside out, ensuring you have the hair your deserve.


I create a relaxing atmosphere and offer a range of holistic scalp treatments designed to soothe both your hair and your soul.


I can't wait to help you find answers and give you the hair of your dreams!

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