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Recommended Products
  • Kevin.Murphy Young Again Wash & Rinse

  • Kevin.Murphy Young Again Oil

  • Kevin.Murphy Re.Store 

  • Kevin.Murphy Leave-In Conditioning Detangler

  • Wet Brush

  • Satin Pillowcase

What NOT TO DO With Your Extentions
  • Do not get your extensions wet in the ocean or the pool.  This can damage the hair and cause it to matte.  Although not recommended, if you choose to go swimming, saturate the hair with Re.Store

  • Never sleep on wet hair

  • Do not blow-dry your hair on high heat

  • Do not use purple shampoo on extension hair

  • Avoid windy environments

What TO DO With Your Extensions
  • Brush hair thoroughly multiple times a day

  • Always keep a firm grip on the base of the extentions to prevent unnecessary pull

  • Brush wefts individually

  • Liberally apply KM Young Again Oil morning & evening

  • Wear your hair in a tight braid at the lake/beach or while working out

  • Wear your hair in a loose braid while sleeping

Caring For Your Extensions

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